Adolescent perceptions of the national lottery and scratchcards: A qualitative study using group interviews


Recent research has consistently shown that a small but significant minority of youth engage in illegal lottery and scratchcard gambling. It is clear that most adolescents experience few gambling-related problems as a result of lotteries and scratchcards. However, it is less clear how gambling may be affecting them at a more general level. The present study set out to examine in more detail the perceptions identified in a previous survey. The study provided an opportunity for the participants to articulate and outline what they thought were the most salient issues through the use of semi-structured group interviews. Six separate group interviews took place (three groups of six adolescents and three groups of seven adolescents) aged 11-15 years. Results revealed many salient themes including winning money, socialization, different forms of excitement associated with these activities (entertainment, the fantasy of winning, and the "buzz"), control, (personal choice, luck, chance), and awareness of social problems. These are discussed in relation to the previous survey literature.

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