Aggressive behaviour in adult slot machine gamblers: An interpretative phenomenological analysis


A growing number of studies have reported a link between gambling and aggressive behaviour. The aim of this study was to contextualize objective findings of a previous observational study regarding slot machine gambling and aggressive behaviour {(Parke} & Griffiths, Psychological Reports, 95, 109–114, 2004). Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis was applied using the Idiographic Case Study method. The data revealed three superordinate themes regarding slot machine gambling-induced aggression (i.e. Competitive Advantage Reduction, Self-esteem Reduction, and Cognitive Regret). Within these superordinate themes, subordinate themes emerged identifying how environmental factors and structural characteristics of slot machine gambling, along with the consequences of losing, produced aggressive behaviour. It is concluded that gambling-induced aggression is a manifestation of the underlying conflict of engaging in dysfunctional behaviour while consciously acknowledging its detrimental effects.

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