Analyses of multiple types of online gambling within one provider: An extended evaluation framework of actual online gambling behaviour


The aim of this article is to extend previous publications of actual online gambling behaviour that neglected involvement across multiple types of gambling and did not provide levels of at-risk involvement. Behavioural data from 27,653 subscribers of an online gambling provider (bwin) in February 2005 were reanalysed across eight products over seven months. Established involvement levels of offline gambling segregated possible online at-risk gamblers. Forty-seven percent of the sample exceeded at least one of the two most conservative thresholds. Each additionally used gambling product increased the risk of transgressing involvement cut-offs by 3.06 to 4.27 times, but type-specific risks decreased strongly after adjusting for involvement in multiple gambling types. Only Poker and Live-action betting remained significant risk factors after adjustment. Taken together, cross-product analyses of gambling patterns lay the groundwork for an extended understanding of individual online gambling behaviour and overcome the methodological artefacts of isolated analyses.

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