The application of blockchain to the management of online gambling data


The appearance of Block chain may imply the dawn of a new technological revolution”

Melanie Swan (2015). The block chain allows the disintermediation and decentralisation of all transactions of any type between all parties on a global basis by providing a robust platform. Being decentralised transaction ledger that is part of a larger computing infrastructure makes possible not only the decentralisation of economic transactions (E.g. Bitcoin crypto-currency) but also the inclusion of many other functions related to storage, communication, file serving, and archiving. This implementation applies the advantages of managing transactions with block chain to the storage, access, dispatch, or receipt of files.
This study investigates the feasibility and the benefit of adopting the block chain technology into the online gambling management.

In order to fulfil the aim and objectives of the study, a review of the pertinent literature was conducted, being completed with primary data collection through semi-structured interviews. The analysis of this data provided enough knowledge to establish relationships between the online gambling regulator organisation procedures and block chain features. Within the data analysis, the benefits and limitations of this implementation were identified and two recommendations for the implementation was provided.

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