Are mini-games within RuneScape gambling or gaming?


The article tries to argue that the mini-games of Squeal of Fortune and Treasure Hunter within the online game RuneScape are another example of convergence between gambling and gaming. These games appear to meet the criteria for gambling as set out in ยง 3 of the Gambling Act 2005, as well as broader criteria found in the gambling studies literature. It was also argued that the bonds and prizes bought and won while playing RuneScape mini-games do have financial value outside of the game, and therefore go beyond the definition of social gaming and accordingly, is an activity that should perhaps be regulated by the Gambling Commission in Great Britain (and elsewhere in the world). It was also highlighted that adolescents can and do play RuneScape, and that they perhaps need protection from both the in-game advertising and marketing that takes place while playing RuneScape as well as protection from playing gambling-type games within the game itself.

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