Assessment tool to measure and evaluate the risk potential of gambling products, ASTERIG: A global validation


The present Assessment Tool to Measure and Evaluate the Risk Potential of Gambling Products (ASTERIG) measures the risk potential of gambling products on the basis of numeric scores. In doing so,it allows a comparison to be drawn between the addiction potential of different gambling products. Furthermore, the tool highlights where the specific risk potential of each gambling product lies. An indication of the risk potential of gambling products could be placed on vouchers, in gambling locations, or on the computer screen when an online game is started, for example. A visual display that shows the risk potential when using a gambling product could help an individual visualize the possible risk for becoming addicted. Furthermore, the individual would be able to assess the risk potential of different gambling products and compare their risk potentials. ASTERIG could not only be used for existing gambling products, but also in the development of new ones. In summary, although gambling is a popular pastime that brings joy and entertainment to many adults, it is associated with risk of the development of maladaptive gambling behaviors. This risk may depend, at least in part, on the characteristics of the gambling product - though the nature of the gambling product is only one aspect contributing to the risk of gambling disorders, in the context of a complex interaction of multiple factors and a bio-psycho-social context. We hope that the development of ASTERIG may help provide a systematic, objective way to assess the risk potential of gambling products and contribute to developing policies that balance access to gambling for entertainment with minimizing the risk of gambling disorders.

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