Broadening our horizon: Response to commentaries


Reply by the current author to the comments made by Murat Yucel and Leonardo F. Fontenelle (see record 2012-24821-005), Garda Reith (see record 2012-24821-006), and Warren K. Bickel (see record 2012-24821-007) on the original article (see record 2012-24821-004). Dr Bickel correctly assumed that starting from current Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) debates we considered emerging domains of psychopathology research, including endophenotypes and transdisease processes. We appreciate his reminder of other new initiatives that may further our understanding of psychopathologies, particularly if addressed systematically. Dr. Fontenelle further our assumptions about the difficulties arising from semantic and other differences in attempting to capture the construct of compulsivity. Dr Reith's comments remind us that individuals are also shaped by their environment. We favor a comprehensive bio-psychosocial perspective with social factors being additional relevant factors.

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