Casinos – UK – November 2004


Individual operators have reported 2003-04 being a far more difficult year than its immediate predecessors, when optimism over the potential contents of the Gambling Bill created an expansionary climate. Industry-wide figures confirm this slowdown in growth. Market size is estimated to have slipped slightly to £763 million year-on-year, with factors cited as having a negative impact including: new openings impacting on existing business; reduced numbers of overseas visitors to London following the war in Iraq; and growing competition from Fixed Odds Betting Machines in bookmakers' shops. The industry has been fortunate in that while it has not expanded its customer base to any significant degree, its existing clientele appears to have been willing to spend more on its premises. It is this, rather than rising admission numbers, that has kept market size afloat. Using the latest consumer research, market size data and trend analysis, this report provides vital new insight into the current state of the market and its prospects, investigating its drivers, segmentation, supply structure, distribution, advertising spend and sales forecasts.

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