Consultation: Gaming Machine Technical Standards: Category C and complex Category D – game links and speed of play


The Commission reviewed the current category C, category D (complex) and category D (non complex) standards in light of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport {(DCMS)} review of category C and D stakes and prizes (but prior to outcomes being known). The Commission considered that only two sections of the machine standards may require amendment as a result of the changes to the category C and D (complex) stakes and prizes. Regarding speed of play, the Commission proposed the reduce speed of play for category C machines: For stakes of 60p or less, 1.5 second minimum with 2.5 second average per hour; and for stakes of more than 60p, 1.5 second minimum with 3 second average per hour; or 2.5 second minimum. Increasing the average game length would provide some comfort to the Commission that there is not likely to be too many games at 1.5 seconds before a longer game commences. All respondents agreed with the proposed revised speed of play for category C and complex category D (complex) machines. The Commission also proposed to further restrict the maximum number of consecutive links between games after a win, depending on the maximum prize value awarded in a single game of a linked series. All respondents agreed with the proposed revision. These changes are set out in the Gaming Machine Standards Supplement 2 and take effect immediately upon publication.

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