Consumer attitudes towards internet gambling: Perceptions of responsible gambling policies, consumer protection, and regulation of online gambling sites


There is an insufficient understanding of consumer attitudes towards Internet gambling, which contributes to difficulties in developing policies to encourage the use of regulated online gambling sites. This research aimed to generate knowledge about consumer attitudes towards online gambling, specifically concerning the issues of player protection, regulation, and responsible gambling. An online survey was completed by 10,838 online casino and poker players from 96 countries. Responsible gambling features were generally viewed positively, particularly by casino game players, those who chased losses, and younger adults. Over one-third of participants reported having experienced a dispute with an online gambling operator. Respondents reported high levels of mistrust and concerns regarding online gambling and confusion regarding the appropriate regulation of Internet gambling. Consumer attitudes play a significant role in driving behavior and must be considered if regulators and operators are to effectively encourage online gamblers to use regulated gambling sites that include consumer protection and harm minimization measures. The results suggest that responsible gambling features, such as the ability to set spending limits, should be implemented on Internet gambling sites to increase consumer trust and favorable attitudes towards online gambling operators, and reduce disputes associated with excessive gambling.

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