Corporate social responsibility in Macau’s gambling industry


2012 was a critical year for gambling operators in Macau. This article examines the process of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the Macau Gambling industry. Research results were based on a triangulation between in-depth document review, content analysis of information from the company’s websites, and site visits. The purpose of this article is to offer a preliminary case study regarding the Corporate Social Responsibility issues being addressed by Macau’s major gambling operators. This study compared different types of Corporate Social Responsibility employed by Macau’s gambling operators. This study identified “Leadership, Vision and Values,” “Workforce Activities,” and “Community Activities” as the most popular CSR practice areas. Meanwhile, “Supply Chain Activities,” “Marketplace Activities,” and “Stakeholder Engagement” were identified as the CSR practices that need to be improved among Macau’s gambling operators. Furthermore, this study further suggested the implications for policy makers and practitioners.

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