Counseling problem gamblers: A self-regulation manual for individual and family therapy


Background: Virtually no community in the U.S. and Canada is left untouched by entertainment or problem gambling. However, problem gambling treatment strategies are not well known throughout the clinical community.

Aim: Set out to practitioners that problem gambling differs significantly from substance abuse, its nearest clinical relative. Not attending to these differences leads to poor results and clinical failure. This book is the one essential tool needed by clinicians treating or likely to treat problem gambling. Written by a clinician with wide experience, it is intended for the general clinician treating or likely to treat problem gambling desiring a comprehensive, yet user-friendly guide. Discusses assessment and treatment of problem gambling and those affected by it. Includes diagnostic instruments developed by the author. Takes an integrative approach with a special focus on cultural concerns and clinical applications for women and minorities. Covers integration of spirituality in treatment.

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