DSM-5: What has changed in therapy for and research on substance-related and addictive disorders?


The new edition of the DSM, which was published in May of 2013, has brought the following changes in the now called category "substance-related and addictive disorders". The terms dependency and misuse or abuse will be replaced by the terminus "substance use disorder". There is a moderate substance use disorder, if two or three criterias are fulfilled for a period of 12 months. To speak of a severe substance use disorder, it has to be four or more criteria for the duration of 12 months. Furthermore, pathological gambling will be a part of the DSM-5 as a non-substance use disorder, but rather an addictive disorder. It is possible, that internet addiction will be a part of a revised version in DSM-5 for addictive disorders. The now changed criteria will have consequences on diagnosis, therapy and research concerning substance-related and addictive disorders. The leading diagnosis standards DSM-5 and ICD-10 or the following ICD-11 will continue to drift further apart from each other.

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