Effect of 72 h of sleep deprivation on the Iowa Gambling Task


Introduction: Sleep deprivation has detrimental effects on cognitive processes, including decision making. The present study investigated how 72 h of sleep deprivation influenced individual neural performance in the Iowa gambling task using event-related potential technology.

Methods: Eleven healthy male adults who participated in our study were randomized to be either in group with 72 h of social isolation condition or 72 h of sleep deprivation condition.

Results: Results showed that, in the feedback stage, the N250–400 ampli- tude was smaller in post-test than in pre-test for the sleep deprivation condition, especially in the frontal cortex. No significant difference between the pre-test and post-test condition was found in the social isolation condition.

Conclusion: These results suggested that 72 h of sleep deprivation affected an individual’s response to feedback stimuli, causing the indi- vidual to evaluate the stimuli slowly.

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