“Pathological gambling: Prevalence, diagnosis, comorbidity, and intervention in Germany”: In reply


Reply by the current author to the comments made by Dr. Joachim Kohler (see record 2012-17573-002) on the original article Pathological gambling-prevalence, diagnosis, comorbidity, and intervention in Germany (2012). We thank Kohler for his additions regarding the rehabilitation treatment of pathological gamblers, and we agree wholeheartedly with his suggestions. In the context of a review article on pathological gambling, the aim is to include as many aspects as possible, from pathogenesis to epidemiology, screening measures, diagnostic evaluation, and comorbidity, to treatment services. Each of these topics therefore had to be dealt with in a brief paragraph. One of our main objectives was to create awareness among doctors an important prerequisite for patients being able to access treatment in the first place. We were therefore not able to expand on the issues raised to the extent that was suggested.

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