An examination of the influence of familial, emotional, conduct and cognitive problems, and hyperactivity upon youth risk-taking and adolescent gambling problems


The current report presents the results of a study which empirically examined the relationship between several risk and protective variables associated with adolescent gambling. More specifically, the relationship between familial, emotional, social, and behavioral variables and youth gamblingproblems was investigated. Another purpose of the current study was to identify several risk factors that may be related to youth problem gambling. The sample consisted of 2,336 students, ages 11-19, from 34 elementary and high schools in the Province of Ontario. Participants completed a questionnaire regarding their gambling activities, gambling involvement, perceived social support, academic performance, drug and alcohol dependence, and various social, emotional, cognitive, behavioral and attentional problems. The results of this research program are intended to provide valuable information for the development of successful risk reduction prevention programs for youth.

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