Factor loading and item analysis of attitude toward gambling scale


The purpose of this study was to assess the factor structure and perform item analysis toward gambling scale for both adolescents and adults. The methods involve the process of conceptual framework, initial item generation through search and In-depth Interview. The participants were 936 adolescents and adults in Akure Metropolis, also included was the verification of content, concurrent, construct and face validity for internal constituency, item analysis and factor analysis of the selection and extraction of final items.

The results for the final scale included 20 items which were selected and categorized into three factors that accounted for 73.77% of the total variance. The factors were labelled as Gambling Positive Attitude-Passionate Experience Interface, Gambling Obsession and Gambling Intrinsic Satisfaction.

The scores for the subscales were significantly correlated with the subscales of Gambling Passion Scale, neuroticism and meaning in Life. Negatively correlated with self-control. Cronbach’s alpha coefficient for the 20 items was .91. Scale scores identified participants as being having positive attitude toward gambling, being obsessed and intrinsically satisfy with gambling attitude.

The conclusion was that the findings indicate that the attitude toward gambling scale has good validity and reliability and can be used among adolescents and adults in Nigeria.

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