Factors associated with suicidal risk among a French cohort of problem gamblers seeking treatment


Compared to general population, pathological gamblers are 3.4 times more likely to attempt suicide. Our objective was to identify specific profiles of problem gamblers (PGs) with suicidal risk according to sociodemographic, clinical and gambling characteristics. The PGs cohort, called "EVALJEU" , consists in the inclusion of any new PG seeking treatment in our Department. Patients underwent a semi-structured clinical interview and completed self-report questionnaires. The "suicidal risk module" of the Mini International Psychiatric interview (MINI) allowed to constitute two groups of patients that were compared, according to the presence of a suicidal risk. A logistic regression was performed to identify factors related to suicidal risk in PGs. In our sample (N=194), 40.21% presented a suicidal risk. A history of major depression and anxiety disorders were predictors of suicidal risk as well as the perceived inability to stop gambling. Suicidality is a significant clinical concern in PGs. Therefore, three specific predictors, identified by our study, must be assessed.

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