From enforcement to assistance: Evolving best practices in self-exclusion


BACKGROUND: In 2007, the Responsible Gambling Council (RGC) initiated a thorough review of best practices in self-exclusion. AIMS: Identify those policies and practices that are likely to facilitate successful outcomes for people who choose to ban themselves from casinos. METHODOLOGY: Literature and policy review; overview of program features at Canadian jurisdictions; twelve focus groups across Canada with individuals who had self-exclusion experience; interviews with self-exclusion program administrators; an expert forum bringing together experts from around the world; RGC's analysis of best practices. FINDINGS: Identifies the emerging state of best practices in self-exclusion. Constructs a framework around the following nine topics identified from the literature and practice: expectations; registration; counselling and supports; ban length; detection and management of breaches; ban scope; renewal and reinstatement; promotion; regulatory oversight and penalties.

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