Gambling addiction and compulsive sexual behaviour: Case report


A 28-year-old man developed gambling addiction and compulsive sexual behaviour during treatment with aripiprazole.

The man, who had a history of schizoid personality disorder, received aripiprazole [route not stated] at a dose of 15mg. Subsequently, he developed an addiction habit for gambling at casino slot machines. He had large gambling debts; hence, he requested to put him on a voluntary self-exclusion list. He then turned towards scratch card gambling. He described his gambling experience as a hypnotic state. He was refereed to an addiction unit. He was heterosexual with poor sexual activity before starting the therapy. During the aripiprazole therapy, he changed to a homosexual behaviour with hypersexuality, unprotected sex and sadomasochistic practices [durations of treatments to reaction onsets not stated].

Aripiprazole was ceased, and was changed to amisulpride. Two weeks later, his gambling addiction and compulsive sexual behaviour recovered. He returned to a heterosexual behaviour.

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