Gambling advertisements and impact on responsible gambling


Consultation on how advertising should be regulated to prevent harm from gambling and in particular on whether requiring messages in advertising would prevent or reduce any negative impact which the increase in gambling advertising may have from 1 September 2007. Sets out the current position regarding gambling advertising and the changes introduced by the Gambling Act 2005. Addresses whether gambling advertisements should contain messages which aim to prevent problem gambling, for example warnings about the dangers of gambling, or educational messages, or provide information about help for problem gamblers and if so, what those messages or information might be. Addresses whether gambling operators should display their licensed status on gambling advertisements. Sets out the options if messages and/or licensed status are to be made a requirement. The options for achieving this are by Gambling Commission Licence conditions; by regulations made by the Secretary of State; or by a voluntary approach agreed with and initiated by the gambling industry. Asks whether different approaches should be required for different types of advertising. Addresses the issue of sponsorship particularly in relation to sports clothing.

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