Gambling and early maladaptive schemas in a treatment-seeking sample of male alcohol users: A preliminary investigation


Gambling problems are overrepresented among men seeking treatment for substance use problems, including alcohol dependence. Early maladaptive schemas are overrepresented among substance users, although no known study has examined the early maladaptive schemas of men with potential gambling problems. This study examined the relations among potential gambling problems and early maladaptive schemas among a sample of alcohol-dependent men seeking treatment at a residential substance use facility (N=628). Using preexisting patient records of self-report measures for early maladaptive schemas and potential gambling problems, results showed that a number of early maladaptive schemas were associated with gambling. Men with potential gambling problems scored significantly higher than nonproblem gamblers on a number of early maladaptive schemas. These results suggest that early maladaptive schemas may be an important underlying characteristic for gambling problems, and that substance use treatment programs should consider screening for and targeting gambling problems and early maladaptive schemas.

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