Gambling and risk behaviour: A literature review


In this review, we take a high level approach and establish the factors that are commonly associated with and used to explain both gambling and various risk activities. Demographic features come to the fore, including age, sex, socioeconomic status {(SES)} and family background. We then consider particular types of risk activities which are frequently discussed in the research literature. While the range of risk activity is far?reaching, we limit our discussion to particular types of risk activity – those that tend to be most frequently discussed in tandem with gambling activity, including: alcohol use, drug use, smoking, and suicidal behaviour; also briefly referring to other less prominent types of risk activity, such as 'risky' sexual activity. The relationship between drinking and gambling, for example, is a mainstay of the gambling literature. Finally, we consider the explanations used to link these behaviours together, drawing specifically upon sociological, psychological and economic accounts of these behaviours.

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