Gambling behaviour in Britain: Results from the British Gambling Prevalence Survey


This report presents results from the National Centre’s British Gambling Prevalence Survey. This is the first nationally representative survey of its kind in this country, and its overall aim is to provide baseline data on adult gambling behaviour in Britain. A random sample of 7,680 people (aged 16 and over) participated in the survey. Over the past decade, the nature of gambling in Britain has been changing, due largely to the introduction of the National Lottery, but also to the increasing availability of other forms of gambling such as spread-betting and gambling on the Internet. While there is growing interest in the social impact of these new forms of gambling on the British population, up till now there has been little reliable information available about people’s gambling behaviour. An important aim of the British Gambling Prevalence Survey was to provide statistically robust data on adults’ participation in gambling, and to estimate the extent of ‘problem gambling’ within the country.

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