Gambling behaviour self-study workbook: Do I have a problem with gambling?


This workbook will help you look at your life and your gambling, and identify the problems you would like to work on. As you go through the workbook, you will learn more about gambling and how it can become a problem. You will also be able to look at your own life and your gambling behaviour. This should help you decide if you want to either cut down your gambling, or stop gambling completely. The Addictions Foundation of Manitoba created this workbook based on their experience helping people who are concerned about their gambling behaviour. If you decide your gambling is affecting your life, this workbook will help you identify possible problems as well as ways to work on those problems. The workbook is divided into five chapters: Chapter One Gambling Self Assessment (starts to answer the question: Do I have a problem with gambling) Chapter Two Managing My Money (how to deal with your money and balance your budget) Chapter Three My Gambling Patterns and Triggers (how and why you gamble) Chapter Four Filling the Void (what to do when you are no longer gambling) Chapter Five Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle (helping you keep on track) All the chapters include: An overview, information on the topics, and exercises for you to complete. An invitation to record your daily activities as a way of tracking your progress. A checklist to help you review your work and help you decide if you are ready to move on. This work book is a self-study guide. In other words, it will give you all the information, instructions and activities you need to look at your gambling behaviour, identify your personal goals, and work toward those goals. We suggest you start with Chapter One because it will help you find out why gambling is causing problems in your life. It will also help you develop some personal goals for you to focus on. You can then choose from Chapters Two, Three and Four, depending on which chapters relate to the issues and goals you have identified. Do Chapter Five last, because it will help you reinforce and maintain any plans you have made.

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