Gambling problems in youth: Theoretical and applied perspectives


The field of gambling studies has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. More research in this field has been published in the last fifteen years than in the previous hundred. With government-sponsored or –regulated forms of gambling proliferating worldwide an entire generation is being raised in an environment of easy access to many forms of gambling. The need for better understanding of the problems associated with gambling among young people is acute and {growing.Gambling} Problems in Youth addresses that need by providing empirically based insights into a wide range of issues from leading researchers. Contributions to this volume address a number of key issues, including: - correlates of youth gambling, including depression and substance abuse - neurodevelopmental issues- measurement, assessment, treatment, and prevention Finally, by taking on larger questions of social policy, Gambling Problems in Youth moves beyond the traditional academic and clinical boundaries to place its subject in a discussion of informed and effective legislation. Gambling Problems in Youth will be invaluable to researchers, students, clinicians, school psychologists, and policy makers interested in the confluence of gambling and adolescents.

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