Gender differences in participation in, and attitudes towards, gambling in the UK: Results from the 2004 NOP Survey


A short study was undertaken of some aspects of participation in, and attitudes towards, gambling in the UK. Four questions were asked of 2,945 adults over 18 years of age. In an earlier Technical Paper (Creigh-Tyte and Lepper 2004) the overall results of the survey were analysed. Few discernable variations in gambling behaviour by class, income or region were found. In addition, the survey method (Annexe B) did not permit analysis by ethnicity. However, a number of significant gender differences can be seen and are reported here. This DCMS Technical Paper comprises four sections. First, participation in gambling by women is analysed. Second, attitudes towards various forms of gambling are described. Third, the views of women about the strictness of regulation of gambling are explored. Fourth, conclusions are drawn. Three main conclusions are reached. First, women participate less in most forms of gambling and are usually less regular participants than men. Second, women are more negatively inclined to most forms of gambling than men. Third, women tend to favour stricter control of most forms of gambling than do men.

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