General practitioners’ position on problematic gambling in three European welfare states


Concepts of Addictive Substances and Behaviours across Time and Place presents new historical and social scientific research examining the temporal and spatial variations in the ways that addiction problems are understood and addressed in European societies. The book illustrates the changing and versatile nature of language use, of stakeholders concepts and ideas, and of the popular, professional and political discourse around addiction. The arguments that unfold concern the various cultural components invested in the ways in which the problems are viewed and addressed. A framework is presented for discussing these circumstances in view of current knowledge-based governance at a local, regional and global level. Concepts of Addictive Substances and Behaviours across Time and Place is based on research from ALICE RAP (Addiction and Lifestyles in Contemporary Europe, Reframing Addictions Project), a multidisciplinary European study of addictive substances, and behaviours in contemporary society. This is a resource for public health professionals, stakeholders influencing policy for addictive substances and behaviours, students, and academics looking to better understand the historical and geographical variations of addictive behaviours across in Europe and the role of stakeholder involvement in the construction of addiction prevention policy.

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