Improved client outcome services project: An intervention with non-benefiting clients of problem gambling treatment


A recent review of psychological and pharmacological treatments for pathological gambling revealed a paucity of evidence for their effectiveness (Oakley-Browne, Adams, & Mobberley, 2000). Data from a national client database in New Zealand suggest that up to a quarter of clients (depending on the measure used) have not benefited from treatment (Paton-Simpson, Gruys, & Hannifin, 2003). Clearly, there is a need for a treatment program to address the particular requirements of this group. This paper documents the development and piloting of a multimodal program for clients who have not previously benefited from program-gambling treatments. The program employed a composite approach of education and Solution-Focused Brief Therapy. To the authors' knowledge, there is no published evaluative research on the use of this approach with problem gamblers. The intervention was trialled in three treatment centres within New Zealand. Results indicate that the intervention positively affected several measures of gambling behaviour and self-reported well-being

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