In the pursuit of winning: Problem gambling theory, research and treatment


Brings together an international panel of 35 experts to present theoretical, clinical, sociological, historical, and spiritual perspectives on problem gambling, and test popular addiction and disease models in the field. Early chapters examine the general psychology of gambling, before moving on to the irrational ideas associated with compulsive wagering, from belief in luck to illusions of control. The seven chapters in the second half are devoted to evidence-based interventions from a variety of clinical orientations. Chapters include: The genesis of gambling: human nature or social learning? Potential relationships between individual factors including temperament, coping skills, and specific clinical syndromes and problem gambling. Beyond the house edge: the view from economics and marketing. Cognitive-behavioral, transpersonal, and anger-management interventions for pathological gambling. Guidelines for developmentally appropriate treatment of gambling problems in youth. Reviews of Gamblers Anonymous, telephone/online counseling, and the emerging science of pharmacology in gambling treatment.

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