Inquiry into smartcard technology


AIMS: Explores how smartcard technology might be implemented in South Australia with a view to significantly reducing problem gambling. METHODS: Obtained input from a wide range of stakeholders and gathered other material. FINDINGS: Finds that smartcard (or like) technology can be implemented with a view to significantly reducing problem gambling, and that this can be done at a reasonable cost. Proposes that one option is for smartcard (or like) technology to be integrated with the central gaming machine monitoring system. Argues that although serious concerns about the implementation have been raised, these do not outweigh the benefits of the technology. Identifies some basic pre-commitment parameters (in money and time spent). RECOMMENDATIONS: Recommends that the adoption of the technology should be mandated by the Parliament and that there should be a competitive tender for its provision. The Independent Gaming Corporation, responsible under its licence for the monitoring system, should be an active participant in that tender process. Further work should define the details of the system.

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