Internet gambling amongst adolescents: A growing concern


Gambling researchers have often reported that research in the field of gambling remains in its infancy compared with other addictive behaviors. Twelve years ago Dr. Mark Griffiths seminal research on understanding adolescent gambling and problem gambling behaviors was published. Today, adolescent gambling research is no longer in its infancy. Research in the field has made great strides and has evolved as a result of Dr. Griffiths work. His qualitative investigations and insight into understanding the situational, environmental and social contexts associated with adolescent problem gambling has inspired continued efforts to better understand this phenomenon. Dr. Griffiths insights and predictions of the impact of technological advances associated with changing structural characteristics in electronic gaming machines and the widespread impact of Internet and mobile gaming has spurred new research. For most adolescents gambling remains a form of entertainment without serious negative consequences. Yet, adolescent pathological gamblers, like their adult counterpart and independent of the negative consequences resulting from their excessive gambling, continue to engage in a wide variety of gambling activities. Internet gambling amongst adolescents clearly represents new challenges and problems. Some recent research concerning the risks associated with adolescent Internet gambling is provided.

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