Internet gambling


Internet gambling poses new challenges to regulators and industry operators in terms of player protection. However, it also offers opportunities through the use of technologically-sophisticated responsible gambling strategies. Internet gambling players can be tracked over time and procedures may be developed that identify potentially risky patterns of play and prompt customers to play within their limits. Online gambling sites may also provide effective time and money limit setting, targeted messaging and education and self-testing options. There is some evidence to indicate that such online tools would be effective at preventing problem gambling and reduce risks of harm. Efforts are also required to prevent harm relating to problem gambling at a wider public health level. For example, restrictions on advertising online gambling sites should be considered, particularly those that may influence youth or are from unregulated sites. This chapter outlines the various responsible gambling strategies that have been implemented on gambling sites and evidence to support the effectiveness of these including player messaging, feedback on gambling behavior, time and money limits, and self-exclusion.

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