Is preoccupation an oversimplification? A call to examine cognitive factors underlying internet gaming disorder


This paper presents a call to examine cognitive factors underlying Internet gaming disorder. Internet gaming disorder (IGD) has long been characterized by inconsistencies in terminology, definition and assessment. As the legitimacy of IGD continues to be debated, we suggest that researchers also consider other psychological factors. While cognitive approaches are not the only factors that might be considered, we have emphasized this area because is likely to highlight differences between gaming and gambling that might not be differentiated so easily by traditional addiction models. It is our hope that greater attention be directed towards identifying and differentiating these factors at an epidemiological level, and that this work will lead to new applications. These include revisions to how consumer information concerning these disorders is promulgated in the community/self-help forums as well as possible refinements of cognitive-behavioural therapy for IGD for evaluation in clinical trials.

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