ISGA player demographics report


Aim and scope of project

The aim of this project was to provide detailed demographic information about individuals who play social casino games. The core categories of analysis are location, age, gender, and time and monetary investment. The results of this project provide an overview of the usage and spending patterns of the sample across gender, age, and location (continent and country). These results also provide insight into localized patterns based on region, gender, and age, as well as general usage and spending trends among players across the globe.

Data preparation

Random sampling was enlisted for the analysis of the data. Four companies represented by the ISGA provided aggregated data to the ISGA from their player pool. The data provided by each company is compiled by age and gender category prior to submission to the ISGA. The ISGA then anonymized the data (for reasons of commercial sensistity) before submitting them for analysis.

The data provided to the ISGA is drawn from players who are active in 2015. As such, the year-to-date totals are compiled from information recorded from January 2015 to December 2015. Daily averages are derived by dividing the year-to-date totals by 365, weekly averages are derived by dividing the year-to-date totals by 52, and monthly averages are derived by dividing the year-todate totals by 12.

After receiving data from the ISGA, the information from the data files dubbed “Alex”, “David”, “Felix”, and “Michael” was amalgamated into a single data set (N= 7,689,749). Prior to analysis, all incomplete data were removed (n = 2,797,598), leaving 4,892,151 players for the final analyses (it is worth noting that the incomplete data all derived from a single company).

Due to its scope and breadth, this project is the one of the largest industry based analysis of social casino games ever undertaken.

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