Licence conditions and codes of practice (consolidated version)


There are four types of licence condition that may be attached to operating licences, under the Gambling Act 2005: general and individual conditions (which are attached by the Gambling Commission), conditions imposed by the Secretary of State (made through statutory instruments) and statutory conditions imposed by the Gambling Act 2005 itself. Codes of practice are issued under section 24 of the Gambling Act 2005, about the manner in which facilities for gambling are provided to ensure that: gambling is conducted in a fair and open way; children and other vulnerable people are protected from being harmed or exploited by gambling; and assistance is made available to people who are, or may be, affected by problems related to gambling. Codes of practice are either social responsibility code provisions - which must be adhered to by all licence holders; or ordinary code provisions – these do not have the status of licence conditions but failure to take account of them can be used as evidence in criminal or civil proceedings.

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