Lotteries – UK – August 2006


This report examines the UK market for lotteries, which is dominated by the National Lottery by virtue of its high prize levels, substantial investment in advertising and extensive distribution network for the sale of tickets. Several other contenders have attempted to carve out a niche for themselves since the launch of the Lottery in 1994 but have generally achieved little success. However, there is great interest in the National Lottery at present by virtue of the fact that the licence to operate it is coming up for renewal again, and this has prompted much debate about how lotteries should run and whom they should benefit. In this report, Mintel looks at the factors which contribute to participation in, and expenditure on, lotteries, assesses the size of the industry and how its revenue is comprised, profiles the major lottery operators and provides an insight into consumer behaviour and attitudes through consumer research. Finally, it provides an assessment of the likely future development of the market during the next five years.

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