Lotteries – UK – July 2004


With the current rise in total sales of National Lottery products, the market is still not reaching its highest previous level. The market peaked in 1997-1998, reaching a total of 4.6 billion pounds in duration of 12 months. This past year has been the first rise in the market since that peak. With 92% of the UK population already living within one mile of a National Lottery retailer, the market provides many opportunities for advancements. A few of the reasons Mintel found as key aspects to the current rise in sales for 2003-04 were the doubling of the umber of weekly Lotto drawings, and the expansion in the range of retail platforms on which they are available. New technologies have created a move in the market that may not be fully apparent until 2004-05. In this report, Mintel takes an exclusive look at the market factors and different dynamics that effect the growth rate of National Lottery product sales. Analyzing all gaming products offered by the National Lottery, the report takes evaluates public concerns over profit-making and good causes, technology drivers, room for growth, and the extended retail network.

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