Mapping the social and economic characteristics of high density gambling machine locations


Gambling machines in Britain tend to be clustered in poorer areas, according to research published today by Geofutures Ltd and NatCen. The research found that areas with a higher density of gambling machines were more likely to be poorer, with lower than average economic activity and more people in lower status jobs. It also revealed that although a high density of gambling machines tends to be found in lower income areas, the pattern is more complex, because such zones are not always in Britain’s poorer areas – some are in relatively wealthier parts of the country; high density machine zones are typically not present in very central, urban areas, but tend to be around satellite areas and towns; Central London had no high density zones; the report also found clusters of gambling machines in coastal, suburban or satellite towns such as Lewisham in Greater London and in a notable number of new towns; the populations of higher-density zones also tend to have higher than average proportions of residents aged 16-34 and over 75.

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