Measuring the attitude towards the profitability of gambling: The psychometric properties of the Gambling Attitude Scale


Delfabbro and Thrupp (2003) developed the Gambling Attitude Scale (GAS), a 9 item test to measure gambling's economic perception with adolescents. The aim of the present paper was to measure the psychometric properties of the Italian version. The scale was administered to 981 high school students (64% Males; Mean Age = 16.57). Exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis revealed the two-factor structure (Unprofitability and Profitability) in line with the original scale. The reliability coefficients of the scale and subscales were adequate. Criterion validity was assessed considering the relationship between GAS scores (as well as subscale scores), gambling behaviour indices, and sensation seeking measure. The overall findings of the present study provide evidences that the Italian version of the GAS is a reliable and valid instrument to measure adolescents' economic opinions on gambling.

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