One decade of self exclusion: Missouri casino self-excluders four to ten years after enrollment


For more than a decade, casinos around the world have offered self-exclusion programs {(SEPs)} to gamblers seeking help with their gambling behavior. Despite the proliferation of {SEPs}, little is known about the long-term outcomes for gamblers who utilize these programs. The current study assessed the experiences of a sample {(N} = 113) of Missouri self-excluders {(SEs)} for as long as 10 years after their initial enrollment in the Missouri Voluntary Exclusion Program {(MVEP).} Most {SEs} had positive experiences with {MVEP} and reduced their gambling and gambling problems after enrollment. However, 50% of {SEs} who attempted to trespass at Missouri casinos after enrollment were able to, indicating that the benefit of {MVEP} was attributable more to the act of enrollment than enforcement. {SEs} who engaged in complementary treatment or self-help groups had more positive outcomes than those who did not, suggesting that {SEPs} ought to encourage and provide information about additional support and treatment options to participants.

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