Online gambling advertising and the third-person effect@ A pilot study


Gambling disorder is known to have a negatively detrimental impact on affected individual’s physical
and psychological health, social relationships, and finances. Via remote technologies (e.g., Internet,
mobile phones, and interactive television), gambling has come out of gambling venues and has brought
the potential for online gambling to occur anywhere (e.g., the home, the workplace, and on the move).

Alongside the rise of online gambling, online gambling advertising have spread throughout all type
of media. In a sample of 201 Spanish university students, the present study explored the perceived
influence of online gambling advertising. More specifically it examined the Third-Person Effect (TPE),
and its consequences on individuals’ willingness to support censorship or public service advertising.

The findings demonstrate that despite the difference on the perception of the effects of online gambling
advertising, it scarcely accounts for the behavioural outcomes analysed. On the contrary, awareness

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