Pathological gambling and alcohol dependence in a sample of workers and university students: Prevalences, relationships and gender differences


The aim of this research was to know pathological gambling prevalence in a Colombian people, relationships between pathological gambling and alcohol drinking problems, and to explore differences between men and women. A university students and adult workers non-randomized sample (n = 150) answered the South Oaks Gambling Screen-SOGS-and the Brief Questionnaire on Alcohol Dependence, several questions on gaming patterns and social and demographic background. Results showed that, according to SOGS scores, 13.4% of men and a 1.3% of women were classified as pathological gamblers, and women reported a lower gambling frequencies than a direct correlation was founded between both drinking and pathological symptomatology, but men showed a stronger relationship between this indicators. Also, gambling debts were correlated with SOGS scores for men, and with gambling frequency for women.

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