Personality and psychographics of three types of gamblers in the United States


Using the results of the Experian Marketing Services' Simmons® National Consumer Study (NCS) (N0 = 24,581), this paper studies the characteristics of three types of US. gamblers: regular lottery players (N1 = 1100), heavy casino gamblers (N2 = 636) and online gamblers (N3 = 291). We explore each type of gambler using measures of several personality and psychographic variables: impulsiveness, desire for control, materialism, risk taking, self-centredness, introversion, sensation seeking and financial prudence. We find that while all three groups have elevated levels of impulsiveness and materialism relative to non-gamblers (p < 0.01), most noteworthy are the online gamblers, who have higher levels of risk taking, desire for control, self-centredness and sensation seeking compared to casino gamblers, lottery players and non-gamblers (p < 0.01). This study additionally emphasizes the importance of considering demographics when investigating psychographics, as some of the psychographics related to gambling are conditioned on age. In addition, we find that online gamblers who also engage in other forms of gambling may be distinct from those who do not, suggesting they are not a homogeneous group.

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