Pilot study of a personalized feedback intervention for problem gamblers


A pilot study was conducted of a personalized feedback intervention for problem gamblers. Respondents (N = 61) were recruited from an ongoing gambling research study to take part in another study to help us “develop and evaluate self-help materials for gamblers.” Respondents were randomly assigned to receive a personalized feedback summary or to a waiting list control. At 3-month follow-up (80.3% follow-up rate, N = 49), after controlling for baseline demographic characteristics and gambling severity, respondents in the feedback condition displayed some evidence that they were spending less money on gambling than those in the control condition. Further, ratings of the usefulness of the feedback summary were positive and most recipients (96%) recommended that they be made available to other gamblers interested in evaluating or modifying their gambling. Given these promising pilot results, a full-scale evaluation of these personalized feedback materials would appear justified. An online version of the intervention is now also available at www.CheckYourGambling.net.

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