Poker – UK – September 2009


In 2008, the online poker market, measured in gross gaming yield, reached £265 million, little changed on 2007. Gross gaming yield in 2009 is anticipated to decline. Each player is spending, on average, almost 20% less per year than in 2007. The typical poker player is a 18-35-year-old male of moderate to high affluence and typically a tabloid newspaper reader. Both online and offline, Texas hold 'em is today the most popular poker game around the world. It was responsible for something in the region of 60% of poker gross gaming yield in 2008. Reasons for playing poker can be summarised as emotional (thrill), cerebral (strategy) and hearts and mind (a mixed of the previous two). As players age, the strategy driver tends to grow in importance and the thrill driver diminishes. Brand loyalty is weak. Special offers, such as sign-up bonuses can help attract the third of users who use different sites to take advantage of offers. Lapsed poker players give four main reasons: disenchantment with the game, costs of playing, social pressures and time pressures.

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