Problem Gambling Resource Kit: A guide to assist health and welfare workers who encounter problem gambling issues


This resource kit addresses the identified information needs of a range of health and welfare workers, based on the findings of a needs analysis conducted early in the project. The topics covered are the priority areas identified during consultations, and the format has been designed for ease of access and quick navigation. The kit has been developed in conjunction with Gambler's Help services. These services are the primary source of problem gambling advice and support, and offer assistance to problem gamblers, people at risk of problem gambling, their friends and families through a Victoria-wide service network. They also provide a range of services to health and welfare workers to support them in managing clients who may have gambling problems, and to raise awareness of problem gambling issues. It is intended that the kit be used to help identify people presenting at a wide range of health and welfare services with gambling-related issues; whether these issues are related to their own gambling or the gambling of family members. It will assist in the early identification of gambling problems as well as in the identification of people with longer standing problems, and will support health and welfare workers in making effective referrals and other interventions on behalf of their clients, in collaboration with Gambler's Help services.

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