Review of A cognitive behavioural therapy programme for problem gambling: Therapist manual


Reviews the book, A Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Programme for Problem Gambling: Therapist Manual by Namrata Raylu and Tian Po Oei (see record 2010-10304-000). This book is a CBT treatment manual for problem gambling. The manual is designed to be used by a range of mental health professionals with some knowledge of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and has been logically structured with an easily digestible format, clear rationale and excellent handouts and exercises for clients. The manual begins with a comprehensive chapter detailing the prevalence of problem gambling and the associated social and physical consequences, along with a clear literature review of the underlying psychological "motivations" for gambling. This is followed by a concise review of the treatment literature to enable practitioners with less knowledge of problem gambling to use the manual with greater confidence and understanding. The manual is structured into 10 core sessions plus 3 elective sessions to be included where appropriate. Each encompasses excellent exercises and handouts to be undertaken between sessions. The manual encompasses material core to CBT in general, including psychoeducation, cognitive restructuring of thinking errors, relaxation and management of negative emotions, goal-setting and relapse prevention. The manual also provides a fantastic set of guidelines and notes on topics such as the stages of change and motivational interviewing, integral to aiding behavioral change, and on assessing and managing suicidality, an issue with high prevalence amongst problem gamblers.

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