Review of clinical manual for treatment of alcoholism and addictions


Reviews the book, Clinical Manual for Treatment of Alcoholism and Addictions by Avram H. Mack, Amy L. Harrington, and Richard J. Frances (see record 2010-03391-000). The book is a well-organized, concise, and clearly written book that covers a vast array of topics. Dr Mack and coauthors have accomplished an admirable feat with their book. Specifically, this small and highly accessible paperback covers the gamut of substances of abuse, as well as behavioral addictions, such as pathological gambling and kleptomania; specific populations; and diagnostic and treatment considerations, with no need to refer to a voluminous textbook for additional details or clarification. Clinical Manual for Treatment of Alcoholism and Addictions is a practical and informative book that is suited to a broad audience of health providers, including addiction therapists, medical students, psychiatrists (including those in training), and physicians in all fields, since addictions are encountered at all levels of practice.

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