Review of Pathological gambling: Etiology, comorbidity, and treatment


Reviews the book, Pathological Gambling: Etiology, Comorbidity, and Treatment by Nancy M. Petry (2006). The book summarizes the psychological knowledge on the worldwide spreading phenomenon of disordered gambling behavior. The book emphasizes the limits of our current understanding, avoiding to give the false impression that empirical data on gambling can be considered conclusive. On the one hand the book can serve as a guide for clinicians dealing with people with gambling problems. On the other hand this book is an exhaustive summary of scientific outcomes, serving an excellent resource of data for research. Following a brief historical synopsis, the author discusses varieties of terminology. The book serves as a helping hand on the bookshelves of clinicians as well as researchers dealing with disordered gamblers and pathological gambling. The book combines the critical summary of research data with the presentation of efficient, practical intervention strategies excellently.

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